How do I know if I qualify?

In order to qualify Customer must have contemplated subscribing to Contact Cloud, spoken with a sales associate at Bipath and provided the sales associate the qualified competitor's url where the pricing has been published. If the pricing has not been published online, Customer must provide an authentic sales agreement from a qualified competitor dated within 7-days of the request for Bipath to match or beat the qualified competitors offer.

If Bipath cannot match or beat the overall pricing provided by the qualified competitor then Bipath shall pay Customer the sum of one hundred and fifty ($150.00 USD).

To determine whether Bipath's offer is better than the competitor, Bipath will apply the following three tests.

TEST #1: Is the competitor a qualified competitor? A qualified competitor is a competitor whose primary product offering is call tracking services (this is the way we create an apples to apples comparison).

TEST #2: Is the competitor pricing available to the public? The competitors pricing must be available on their websites pricing page or Customer must have obtained a master services agreement, sales agreement or similar from competitor.

TEST #3: Is the competitors pricing better than Bipath's? Bipath pricing must be better in the areas found below.
  • Local Number Rental (many sites will call this local numbers or non toll free) and is generally expressed as a monthly amount
  • Toll Free Number Rental (many sites will call this toll free numbers) and is generally expressed as a monthly amount
  • Local Number Forwarding (this only applies if you are comparing us against a call tracking competitor)
  • Toll Free Number Forwarding (this only applies if you are comparing us against a call tracking competitor)
So long as the three tests are met then you would be eligible to receive the $150.00 from Bipath for the opportunity to earn your business.
Competitors are limited to those whose primary service offering is Call Tracking software, other competitor types will not be considered.
Contact Cloud Best Price Guarantee applies to monthly service fees and certain usage fees.

Pricing will be locked in for no less then 12 months

How do I claim my $150?

In order to claim your $150 Best Price Guarantee gift card, you would have met the guidelines above and must remain a customer of the competitor in good standing for at least 60-days. On or after 60 days but not more than 180 days, you must send an email to with an account snapshot to receive payment. The snapshot must contain your account number or email address, as well as your last monthly service fee payment and last usage fee charge invoice.