Flexible work schedule

Our employees enjoy flexible time off including up to two weeks paid-vacation. Since our customers exist is no less than 4 timezone, we employee sales and support staff with that are available up to 15 hours per day.

Remote culture supported

We are a global distributed workforce where 99% of Bipath's employees work remotely which helps us promote better work-life balance.

Employee Education is a priority

Continuous education for our employees is critical to creating a winning user experience for our customers. We provide online courses that help our team members learn about relevant technologies. Access to technology training is always available as well as the opportunities to use the technology that we provide to our customers.
Bipath team members
We're actively
Bipath interviews and onboards all new employees and contractors virtually as we truly embrace the remote work culture.
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Everyone new to the team, will always and forever work from home (unless of course you choose to work while sipping coffee in your local coffee shop).

What we believe

Values to live by

Behind every great human achievement, there is a team.

Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These five values shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. They're hard-wired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.

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