Contact Cloud Autodialer


All dialers are not created equal - ours is better!

With the Contact Cloud autodialer you get three dialing platforms in one.

  1. Sales outbound dialer
    Put your sales team on auto-pilot, allowing them to call prospect your database or list of contacts utilizing the built in softphone, disposition those leads from the dialer to your CRM.
  2. Programmable outreach dialing
    Trigger automated pre-recorded messages to your marketing list, current database, subscriber etc. Add voice or dial commands to the recorded message to drive the customer back to your call center.
  3. Inbound form outbound dialing
    Never miss an opportunity when a new lead, prospect or customer completes a form on your landing page, website or digital ad. Trigger an immediate or delated outbound call to the prospect.

Put your sales team on auto-pilot, allowing them to call prospect your database or list of contacts utilizing the built in softphone, disposition those leads from the dialer to your CRM.

Contact cloud Bulk SMS Text

Bulk SMS Texting

Fully integrated bulk texting at your fingertips

With the Contact Cloud Bulk texting, reach an unlimited number of contacts instantly.

  1. Instant, Timed or Recurring DeliverySend messages now, later or periodically over time with our smart trigger system. The set up process is super fast - load your list, select your contact list or segment. Add your message and click send!
  2. Route Responses to Agent or queueGone are the days of one way text message applications. With Contact Cloud, the text messages are fully integrated into the calling platform, which allows you to take advantage of our programmable user experience. Use, triggers, filters and functions to assign the message to the right person, or team instantly.
  3. AutorespondersStay engaged with your SMS contacts with sms autoresponders. Contact Cloud can be programmed to respond to all messages, messages that contain specific keywords etc. The Contact Cloud trigger and workflow system allow for unlimited applications.
  4. Automatic DNC and SMS Opt-outCustomer fo sometimes opt-out from receiving messages, with Contact Cloud you are able to enable automatic opt out processing which will prevent anyone within your organization from accidentally texting a customer through the Contact Cloud platform.
  5. SMS and MMS CapableSend standard 160 character text messages and multi-media messages (picture messages)

Bulk Texting FAQ

Is Bulk Texting legal?

Yes, bulk texting is 100% legal. It is only illegal if you message people who have not given express written consent to receive your texts, i.e., you must provide clear and conspicuous disclosure of what the user is consenting to and who they’re consenting to get it from.

How many texs can I send?

When it comes to the number of messages you can send through Contact Cloud, the limit does not exist! You can send as many messages as you pay for as long as you abide by our Terms and Conditions.

Can I send mass texts to existing customers?

This is a question that we get all of the time. You can definitely text message your existing customers. However, you do need to get their permission first. There are several ways to turn existing customers into SMS subscribers, including web forms, keywords, and more

Can I sent bulk text messages for FREE?

At Contact Cloud, our Pay As you Go plan comes with $5 in usage credits, which allow you to purchase 1 phone number and send out up to 300 complimentary text messages. With a paid plan, you can send as many messages as you’d like! There are no contracts, so you can upgrade to a higher plan as you scale your efforts.

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