What is a Flow/workflow?

Essentially a workflow, Flow and automation all mean the same thing. This represents the process flow by which multiple applications communicate with another using a series of steps. Think "IF THIS, THEN DO THAT" processing. Flows is a fully managed service where our experts connect your applications / build/manage API workflows for you.

What is a module task?

A workflow automation will contain one or more modules. Think of a module as a connection to an app within a workflow. A module task is any request to that app connection to get or process data.

Can I choose to prevent Bipath from storing my processed data?

Yes! Storing data is not necessary in order to use Flows, however depending on your requirements not storing some data could make it difficult fix bugs and solve some workflow errors if they occur.

What happens if I go over my allowed number of module tasks within a given month?

We will alert you once you have reached 70% and then 90% of your module task allotment or any data storage usage. If you do not purchase addon tasks or data before you reach your maximum threshold then we will stop processing workflows until this is resolved. You can also choose to auto-top up to prevent any stoppage from occurring.

What does my Account Representative do?

Your Account Representative is responsible for accepting your requests for new Flows and adjustments to current Flows. They will also handle pricing upgrades or downgrades as well as any troubleshooting that is required. Additionally, if any problems occur with your workflows, your Account Representative will troubleshoot / work without our team to solve any challenges.

How long is the free trial?

Your Flows Free Trial is good for 7 days and you must cancel within that period of time if you do not want your contract to automatically renew. During this period of time, we will work together to build and launch your first automated API workflow.

What if I need to create more flows than my subscription allows?

If you need to create more flows than your subscription allows, you have two options. (1) You can purchase additional Flows a-la-cart - see pricing here. (2) You may upgrade your plan to a higher plan at anytime during your subscription month to add additional Flows.

How do you access my apps?

There are two types of authentication options that you application provider might offer (1) Basic Authentication: in this case, all we will need is your API-Key to connect to your applications. (2) Oauth 2: In this case you will need to create an integration user within your software account, and then provide Bipath that users details. We will securely store those credentials. This user will be used to access and run any workflows.

I am an agency, can you create workflows for multiple brands under a single account?

YES, there are no limits to the number of brands or companies that use the same Flows subscription.

Can you really integrate with any app?

YES, we can connect any any app that offers you an open API. This means that, you must have access to that API and the app company must have provided you an API-Basic or OAuth Key access. If you application doesn't have an API then we are not likely able to connect to it.

How do I request a new flow?

From your Bipath portal (https://www/portal.bipath.io),  create a new Flows Request. This request will be assigned to your Account Manager who will contact you about the specifics of your flow.

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