Form Reactor: The Digital Marketer’s Secret Weapon

Michael Barnett
October 27, 2020
Call Tracking

Ask any marketer in any industry what their number one goal is and you’re likely to get the same response: “Generate more leads.” Yet you don’t want those precious leads to go to waste by not engaging them in time before they go cold.

In comparing different lead generation strategies, 50% of companies reported that online forms are their highest converting tool. Embedding an online form on your website makes it easy for you to capture information and for your customers to indicate they’re interested. That said, with forms you run the risk of your prospects getting stuck in a virtual waiting room of sorts if your team isn’t set up to quickly action on those valuable form submissions. It’s critical to engage leads in their moment of interest before they move on to other options.

So how can you optimize this strong channel to improve your ability to get in touch with customers and also capture valuable insights about your customers? Enter: the FormReactor, a powerful online form tool baked into the Contact Cloud platform that enables you to trigger an automatic call back or text message to your contact as soon as they submit your web form.

What is the FormReactor?

The Contact Cloud's FormReactor allows you to embed a custom online form on your business’s website or landing page and automatically trigger actions when someone fills it out. Your forms go beyond simply capturing customer information; they can be used to generate instant contact with your customers, whether by a phone call or personalized text message. You can also use it to automate internal processes, such as routing a ticket to your support team.

With FormReactor, you capture valuable session and campaign data alongside your prospect’s contact/form submission information, allowing you to provide a better customer experience and more strategic outreach, while further empowering you to analyze which of your advertising channels are driving contact—and ultimately conversions.

Submitting an online form with Form Reactor

Automating contact via your online forms allows you to seamlessly connect with customers, thereby reducing the burden of manual tasks for your sales and marketing teams, while also shortening the time to conversion.

How Other Companies Use Automated Forms to Engage with Customers

Here are a few examples of ways companies across different industries use FormReactor to quickly engage with prospects:

  • A real estate agency embeds FormReactor on their property listings so prospective home buyers can indicate interest in a particular home. Once the buyer submits their information, the company can send automated and personalized text message follow-up with custom details about upcoming Open Houses or similar homes they might be interested in, or offer to connect them with an agent.
  • A doctor’s office can generate an instant call back to a patient after they submit a “Request Appointment” form on their website, immediately connecting them with their administrative staff.
  • An online lender embeds a FormReactor in their landing pages or contact pages, when a prospect completes the loan interest form and immediate text message is sent to the prospect and a lead is added to the autodialer for immediate outreach.
  • An online service desk can use FormReactor to generate tickets for their support team. The customer fills in necessary information about the issue they’re experiencing via the form, and can opt to be connected to the first available agent.

Utilizing FormReactor helps you automate your internal processes and save you time and resources in connecting with prospects.

Get Started with FormReactor on Contact Cloud

Now that you have your automated form strategy in place, visit our Help Center for information on how to set up FormReactor in your account.

You can build and track as many online forms as you want with FormReactor, which is available at no additional cost all of our plans.