How to use call tracking numbers in Google My Business Listing

Michael Barnett
October 27, 2020
Call Tracking

Google's various marketing tools seem to fall victim to the grapevine.

Many business owners fear these technologies' perceived complexities based on what they’ve heard from other non-experts.

Unfortunately, this occurrence leads to the spreading of misinformation. For instance, some might still think that using a tracking number on your Google My Business (GMB) Listing has negative consequences.

Yes, the above notion rang true in days of old due to inconsistencies with name, address, and phone numbers across all online channels.

However, like most marketing technology, GMB has evolved into a more user-friendly and savvier service.

All the same, despite the algorithm correcting itself and improving, you still must apply it strategically and insightfully. This takes persistence, patience, practice, and preparation. It also requires plenty of research on best practices, which will be provided in this blog:

Nuts and Bolts: Adding a Call Tracking Number to Your Google My Business Listing:

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of adding your tracking number to your GMB listing:

Step One: Receive Your Tracking Number

- Get your tracking numbers by signing up with a call tracking provider like Contact Cloud.

Step Two: Navigate to Your GMB Info Section

Browse to

- Enter your login credentials or click on "Manage."

- Find your location or click on Manage Location from left side menu.

- Click on the locations hyper link to take you to the location dashboard

- On the left side menu, click the “info” menu link. This displays your business’s contact information. You will be able to edit from here.

Location Dashboard

Step Three: Enter the Tracking Number

- Next to your phone number, click the pencil icon before entering your tracking number in the “primary phone” field.

Step Four: Enter Your Local Phone Number

- In the “additional phone” field, enter your local phone number:

- This allows the algorithm to match the GMB contact info with your website and other citations, therefore, eliminating consistency problems.

Edit Phone Number

There are a couple more notes to add here. First and foremost is reiterating the importance of using your local number along with your tracking number. Connecting your contact information in the Local Search Ecosystem is a must if you wish to maintain cohesiveness and bolster SEO. This is only the case if your local number is different from your tracking number. Many businesses use local tracking numbers, like the ones provided by Contact Cloud.

Beyond that, you might notice the option to add 3 total contact numbers (1 primary + 2 additional). Note that only your primary number is made publicly visible in your listing on desktop, mobile, and the Google Maps application.

As such, your call tracking number will be the only one seen by web searchers.

Still, there is one exception. Provided you have a Google My Business website, any other numbers in your listing will be published on that site.

With the nuts and bolts explained in detail, it’s now time to delve into best practices and how to generate the most significant return when using your tracking number on Google My Business:

Getting the Most Value from Your Tracking Number

Naturally, businesses that rely on phone calls for lead generation will benefit most from listing their tracking number on Google My Business. Though, any company using the phone at all will reap the rewards of leveraging this strategy correctly. The more data you can collect about your leads, the likelier you'll develop successful marketing and sales campaigns.

Also, people find businesses on Google. In 2020, it’s far likelier that your consumers are introduced to your brand through the world’s predominant search engine than word-of-mouth, for instance. Why not combine that exposure level with something like a tracking number that helps you better understand your target market?

Let’s examine some of the best practices involved in using a call tracking number on your GMB listing:

Obtaining Insightful and Reliable Call Metrics

By delving into the relevant data, you can translate the information into making insightful and profitable decisions.

Nothing indicates your Google My Business listing's performance quite like call volume. If you're getting inundated with incoming phone calls, it means you've optimized your profile.

Furthermore, providers such a Contact Cloud help provide enriched insights, such as telling you who contacted your business.

Unlike the Insights Report that Google offers businesses, tracking numbers don't merely convey analytics from click-to-call on mobile devices. Meaning that using this tactic allows you to track desktop-generated calls.

Beyond that, Google’s Insights don’t adequately handle dropped calls. Thus, without using the Google My Business number tracking method, when someone hangs up right away, it’s counted in the total call volume. This shortcoming makes for shoddier, less reliable data.

100% Transparency with Clients and Colleagues

When more in-depth and more accurate, insights allow you to paint a clearer picture with clients and colleagues, depending on your business's nature.

For instance, it's possible to display a local search campaign's ROI to interested parties (e.g., boss, associate, valued client). This holds you accountable and gives everybody peace of mind knowing that the wool isn't being pulled over anybody's eyes.

Something else to consider is that you can listen to recorded tracked calls. It’s then possible to detect patterns and verbal keywords most conducive to conversions or, conversely, lost opportunities.

Calling for High-Level Analytics

Ask any business owner, and their pipe dream is being able to read their customer’s mind.

While I can't promise psychic powers, the valuable analytics and insights generated using tracking numbers on your GMB listing are a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, many business owners haven't kept up with GMB's best practices and advancements. They don't know that the algorithm has lent itself to best marketing practices, such as using call tracking alongside your own local number.

So, after reading this blog and incorporating the number tracking strategy on your GMB listing, scream it to the skies, so all business owners can leverage these valuable tips.