The Three Ways Call Recording Can Help Your Business Win

Michael Barnett
October 27, 2020
Call Tracking

Once an expensive “nice to have” function of a business, call recording is now assumed by both managers and customers to be common practice. There’s really no reason for a business not to take advantage of this useful tool.

Call recording is more affordable and accessible than ever and is paramount when it comes to customer service. Especially for service-based businesses.

In this post, we’ll explore call recording for business and how it can help you win! Specifically, the importance of call recording for inbound calls, call recording as a solution for service issues and sales improvement, and of course, customer service.

Benefits of Call Recording

There are many very specific benefits of call recording for businesses. Some of the most noticeable benefits include improved customer service and sales, a recorded transcript of verbal agreements/compliance, training and quality assurance, and dispute resolution.

Even if some of the benefits are not directly applicable to your business, once you experience the ability to recall details and see the improvements in customer service and sales, you’ll wish you’d always recorded your calls.  

Another huge benefit of using Contact Cloud for call recording and tracking software is that call recording is offered free with all our plans. Experience the benefits with no additional cost!

Customer Service

Call recording helps to improve the customer service that is offered by your business to customers by acting as a training tool and by encouraging professional conduct from all agents speaking with your customers.

You’ve probably heard the disclaimer, “this call may be recorded for training and quality assurance” when on the phone with services like your internet provider or your bank. Recording these calls allows new agents to receive feedback from their managers or higher-ups so they can better assist you in the future. The same is true for many other businesses using call recording.

Additionally, call recording should not be a secret from your employees or agents. They should be aware that their calls with customers are being recorded for quality assurance and training.

Many companies even allow access to each agent’s call logs or email their voice transcripts to them directly as soon as a call is over. This can help if the agent needs to reference a specific detail from the call or would like to listen to the call a second time to see where they could have improved or offered better service.

Sales Improvement

Similar to the training and quality assurance component, call recording for businesses helps to improve sales of agents. Sales managers reviewing the recorded calls may offer feedback or insights the representative had not previously considered.

This will positively impact the bottom line of both the company and the sales representative (if they are earning a commission).

With free call recording offered in your Contact Cloud plan, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this service and improve their sales!

Many companies will also add the recorded call file to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for reference far into the future. In some industries, it is useful to have a timeline and while the CRM helps keep track of customer notes, recorded calls for reference are even better!

Solve Service Issues

The third way call recording can help your business win is through solving service issues.

Think of when you are most likely to phone a business directly. Probably, when you have a question or problem. By capturing these details for future review with management or product teams, your recorded calls will be solving the service issues currently faced by your business.

You may also learn different ways your customers are using your product, or simply receive some positive feedback about a good experience. You can use these recorded calls to build customer profiles based on the different types of customers using your product or service. It is sometimes difficult to determine the tone or personality of your customers via email, so an added call recording would be immensely useful for most businesses that create customer profiles.

Call recording for businesses may also help indicate whether a particular demographic is always asking the same questions. Marketing can focus their efforts on reaching the demographic to answer their question before they even call, therefore providing superior service and setting your business apart from the competition.

Either way, call recording can help you gain greater insights into your customers’ use cases, continually improving your product.

Wrap up

Overall, call recording can help your business in many ways. Some benefits are obvious, like training, quality assurance, and sales improvement. Other benefits of call recording for your business are less obvious, like collecting unique feedback on service issues or use cases directly from the customers using your product or service.

Taking advantage of call recording and tracking software has never been easier. Since free call recording is offered with any Contact Cloud plan, it is an easy addition to your service list and (as we’ve learned) can provide many upfront and nuanced benefits for your business.

To learn more about how call recording can help your business, contact us here or reach out on social media.