Reporting and analytics

Conversation Analytics

Make the most of every phone call with actionable insights

Understanding what your customers are looking for and the problems they’re experiencing is invaluable. Our platform makes it easy to highlight and isolate common patterns or trends in customer behavior. As those patterns are identified, our software can score and tag your calls based on the settings you configure. Then, use those ratings to organize your reporting or send notifications so you can make smarter decisions to capture more conversions or provide a better experience for customers.

Use conversation analytics to:

  1. Measure customer sentiment
  2. Automate actions throughout your organization
  3. Score or tag calls to qualify leads or categorize existing customers
  4. Arm new team members with tools to succeed
  5. and more...

Empower your workforce

Work faster and smarter—not harder

Keyword Spotting

Analyze transcripts of your calls to detect words of intent spoken by your customer. You decide what keywords you want to watch out for and what you want to do when those keywords are spoken.


Automatically generate text or email alerts with the important details from a call, text, or form. You choose the cadence that works for your schedule: after each event, or on a recurring basis.

Call Recording and Transcription

Never miss a detail.The ability to verify contact information or revisit a difficult conversation makes call recordings a powerful training tool for your sales and service teams.

Spam Detective

Stop a spam call before it even reaches your team. Spam Detective adds an additional layer of protection to your phone numbers by automatically detecting and rerouting suspicious callers.

Activity logs

Capture It all in your call log

Monitor conversation data in real time

Transform your call log into a fully functional unified communications platform. All of your calls, texts, and online form submissions appear in real-time in one log, where you can monitor which campaigns drive inbound contacts alongside demographics and other caller data. While agents are on a call, they can enter notes, tags, scores, and conversion amounts without ever leaving the screen—which, of course, can all be synced with the platforms of your choice using our integrations or open API.

Bring your data full circle by integrating our platform with the resources you’re already using and translate results into meaningful next steps for your entire organization.

Real-Time Reporting

Arm your team with visuals to make data-driven decisions
Access an array of management reports designed to help you optimize your marketing efforts and team performance. Every report can be filtered, exported, and scheduled so you get the information you need when you need it. Agencies can also create customized reporting for their clients, so you deliver the critical bullet points without any additional noise.
Reporting dashboard

Campaign Performance

Pinpoint your exact opportunities for growth and track ROI over time

Reporting dashboard

Expose analytics for your online and offline advertising campaigns to see which campaigns are bringing in the most calls and how much revenue can be attributed back to each channel to determine ROI. Our integrations with Google Analytics and Ads make this especially easy to manage, so you can track down to the keyword, search query, ad position, and group. For TV, radio, and other offline ads, you can use call scoring and conversions to track how much revenue has come in from each phone call and channel, plus key metrics like time of day, day of the week, call duration, and more.

Team Performance

Gain instant visibility into the performance of your call center agents
Team dashboard

Get a live dashboard view of the current activity in your call center. With one glance, you will know your current call volume, what your agents are doing, and how performance has been for the day so far. You can track conversions by agent, calls taken or missed, average call score, and whether agents are currently available, busy, or in custom statuses (like “team meeting”). These are great resources to take into your plans for staffing, training, and performance management processes.

Custom Reporting

Your data, your way

Make your data work for you and build custom reports based on your unique business needs. Want to see how many of your customers mentioned a specific phrase in the past week or how many form submissions you’ve received from a particular zip code? Apply filters to generate a report that monitors whatever metrics mean the most for your business.

custom reporting

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