What is Call Attribution, why is it important to your business

Michael Barnett
October 27, 2020
Call Tracking

Contact Cloud's data highlights the entire customer journey, from offline to online. You’ll receive everything you need to map out a complete and actionable sales funnel.

If you can put a phone number on it, Contact Cloud can track it! By assigning tracking numbers to each of your ads, campaigns, or channels (including directories, landing pages, Google AdWords, print, TV, and so forth) Contact Cloud will be able to attribute those phone calls back to the advertising channel that lead to the call. Tracking these response rates identifies channels to focus on, informs A/B testing, offers insights into customer behavior, and hones your efforts to encourage prospects along their journeys.

How Call Attribution Works

Attribution works by tying a unique phone number to a marketing channel, a technology also known as dynamic number insertion (DNI). DNI basically uses a snippet of Javascript and in our case, the Contact Cloud tracking code which replaces the phone numbers on your ads or webpages by dynamically provisioning tracking phone numbers from a pool of local, international or toll-free phone numbers. This allows you to granular data by tracking online behavior and tying phone leads back to the ads, campaigns or keywords that were used to generate each specific engagement.

Marketers can attribute calls at the campaign, keyword or visitor level. Call attribution captures profile data once an online user calls the number on a landing page or ad. This data can then be integrated with other marketing software to provide a full picture of what happens online and offline to help drive higher quality conversions.

Using call attribution, your marketing team can make more informed decisions on how to allocate their marketing spend by optimizing for ads and keywords that are driving the most calls. This can help increase revenue while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA). Call attribution or the ability to track calls can also demonstrate the value of an online directory or listings website by generating more qualified leads for professionals. Bridging online behavior to offline conversions also helps marketers optimize overall performance by concentrating marketing efforts on campaigns that bring tangible business results.

How attribution works

Contact Cloud's Call Attribution Models

Contact Cloud offers two types of call attribution: first touch attribution and last touch attribution.

  1. First touch attribution will cookie the website visitor to the first source they used to come to your website. This means if someone comes to your website for the first time by clicking a Facebook ad, they will be cookied to see a Facebook paid tracking number for 30 days on your website. If the visitor does not place a phone call on the first visit and comes back to your website through a different channel (such as a Google Organic search listing) at a later date, they will continue to see your Facebook paid tracking number.
  2. Last touch attribution will always cookie the visitor to the most recent way they came to your site and show a tracking number associated to that channel. If we use the same scenario as above, when the visitor re-visited the site through a Google Organic listing, they would see a tracking number for Google Organic and the phone call would be attributed to the source of Google Organic.

Contact Cloud allows you to configure each tracking source to be either first touch or last touch attribution, offering marketers complete flexibility when creating and attributing new campaigns.