What is Ucaas and why its important to modern businesses

Michael Barnett
October 22, 2020
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UCaaS is an important communication solution for modern businesses. It allows them to efficiently and effectively connect with consumers while saving money and simultaneously increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for Unified Communications as a Service. It refers to technology that uses cloud-based services to improve and streamline communications and the flow of information. UCaaS facilitates communication within the company itself, as well as externally with customers and vendors.

Let’s dissect the meaning if UCaaS and discuss its components. First  the ‘UC’ (Unified Communication) portion. Businesses use a wide variety of channels to exchange information with clients like email, text messages phone, fax, webchat, video conferencing. Unified Communication is the fusing of these separate channels into a single platform; sharing data and insights with a goal of improving sales efficiency and customer experience.

The "as a service" aspect refers to the fact that the collaboration tools are cloud-based without the need for onsite/managed software and obtained as a subscription service through a united communications service like Bipath Contact Cloud.

The goal of UCaaS is to integrate software that synchronizes communication across multiple devices and enables consistent collaboration among different departments. These tools help prevent downtime, secure communications, and allow for the flexibility and scalability of important business operations.

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Why is it Important for Modern Businesses?

A study by Twilio found that 66% of customers prefer communicating with a business through text messages rather than by phone. A similar survey by CTIA found that on average, text messages are read within the first three minutes – making this an ideal way for companies to reach their target audience.

As the need to communicate with consumers across various channels like texting and social media, it has become increasingly important for modern businesses to embrace UCaaS platforms.

More companies are adopting omnichannel communication strategies that eliminate the disconnect clients can feel when interacting with a business through different channels – the goal is to provide a seamless and consistent experience regardless if they are using chat, email, or connecting over the phone.

Not only is this important to ensure that customers have a positive experience, but also to prevent interdepartmental communications from breaking down when information and processes are not shared properly. This is also referred to as an information silo and can cause inefficiencies across an organization.

By adopting omnichannel communication strategies, modern businesses can overcome the challenges associated with managing the exchange of information over multiple channels. It can also help firms remain agile in an environment that is always changing through digital transformation.

Common UCaaS Misconceptions

There are several common misconceptions about UCaaS, with the most common being that cloud-based unified communication solutions are more expensive.

On the contrary – implementing UCaaS solutions can actually help your business save money. On-site phone systems usually require a significant, up-front capital investment and it may be necessary to have a full-time IT staff to manage it.

With an omnichannel communication solution, your systems are hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. UCaaS services do not require you to buy any equipment and some, like Contact Cloud can be paid as a month-to-month services which provide flexibility to the business. .

Another common misconception surrounding unified communication tools is that if you already have some of these channels in place, then you don’t need the cloud-based service.

While you may already have a standalone website, social media page, and customer service phone line, fax line, live chat software, and sms application are they truly working together? Is your data completely intgerated? Are you able to quickly and easily gain insights regarding your customers journey and experience with your product and teams?  Is the experience seamless and consistent, regardless of how a customer chooses to interact with your business?

If you have answered no to any one of these questions then you can benefit from adopting a UCaaS solution.

Benefits of UCaaS

The implementation of UCaaS solutions can provide many benefits for modern businesses, including cost savings, increases in sales and customer satisfaction, and even improved data security.

Traditional on-site phone and communication systems can be expensive to install and require additional expenses for ongoing maintenance and future upgrades. With unified communications as a service, there is no need to have an initial capital outlay, and it includes ongoing maintenance and software updates.

Using unified communication systems will also allow your employees to respond to customers more quickly and effectively, further improving satisfaction. Customers want to be able to interact with your business using the method they feel most comfortable with – whether that is through text messaging, email, or over the phone, UCaaS will ensure that their experience is consistent and seamless.

These tools will also help firms increase sales by allowing them to monitor call volumes and measure conversions so that they can pinpoint their weaknesses as well as what is working. The powerful integration behind UCaaS tools will empower companies to sync consumer data across the platform and better recognize patterns to make predictions that will increase conversion rates.

Likewise, the increase in productivity that results from implementing better communication tools will ensure that employees are getting work done faster and more effectively – directly increasing revenue.

The UCaaS tools typically include a secure data center with data encryption capabilities, and the subscription model will ensure your systems are continuously upgraded, updated, and patched. Data security has become even more important for businesses, and the UCaaS safety measures will help protect firms against malware and denial-of-service attacks.

Overall, a UCaaS platform is a great way for modern businesses to overcome communication challenges within their company and externally while streamlining processes that will better serve their clients' needs.