Customers want to text your business. We make it easy.

The Contact Cloud SMS text message platform is fully integrated and allows for all of the same workflow,  routing and scheduling capabilities as our calling platform. Drive leads, increase engagement while lowering marketing costs.

SMS text example

Engage Your Audience

Wow your customers with instant feedback

Bulk sms text campaigns

Bulk Message Campaigns

Get the message out to a large number of customers instantly. 100,000 customers 1M customers, the process is the same.

SMS auto responders

Form Auto Responders

Contact forms, booking forms, landing pages. When you receive any online form respond immediately with a text.

SMS text routing

Inteligent Routing

Automating texts, utilizing criteria and timeframes that you specify. Define rules in your auto dialers so you can manage texts strategically.

SMS text workflows

Custom Workflows

Add text messagine to any workflow, only limited by your imagination.

SMS text forwarding

SMS Text Forwarding

Unleash the power of workflow triggers to forward incoming text messages to any number. Set the criteria and the system handles the rest.

Acquire Contacts

Eliminate the disconnect between you and your customer
Build your list when customers text a word like subscribe to your text number of short code. Offer promotions or discounts when customers text coupon codes.
Form automation
Form Autoreplies
Pairing text messaging with FormReactor provides you a new secret weapon. Now you can capture online forms, and respond via text message immediately.
Recurring messages
Recurring Messages
Automatically send messages to customers and prospects on a recurring schedule or create a custom drip campaign. Options are endless.
Contact Cloud great service image

Provide Service

Reduce friction for your customers and increase service levels by sending relevent communications precisely when they expect it.

2 way messages

Scheduled Followup

Text reminders

More great features

Tracking and Reporting

Track your inbound and outbound messages by marketing source, website, call agent, form etc.

NSFW Filtering

Filter and tag all text messages received by your organization as Not Safe For Work. Our algorithms do the heavy lifting.

Text Forwarding

Need to redirect text messages to a different number. Our text management functionality allows you to do this with a few simple clicks.


Send text messages during long wait times or after missed calls.

Appointment Alerts

Book, confirm, remind and even reschedule appointments with self service automation.

Google Ad Extensions

Automate text message responses from your Google Ads text message extensions.


Personalize your outbound text messages using data that you have already received or stored about your customer.

Combine with Autodialer

Send text messages in your auto-dialer campaigns as touchpoints.


Automated replies, based on tags, keywords or the text message body.

Extended Messaging

Standard texts are only 160 characters long. With us, you get as many as you need.


Create something great with our API. Plug your app, CRM or website right into our platform.

Text Routing

Seamlessly route text replies to queues or agents.

Leverage the highest converting  marketing tools

Start messaging your customers and prospects today.

Integrate text messaging with 1,000's of applications

If your application has an API, Contact Cloud can integrate with it
The results are in, we now know what consumers think about text message marketing and its effectiveness in driving sales