Intelligent Automation

Get rid of manual, repetitive tasks

Implementing automated routing and workflows for your routine calls and activities frees up your marketing, sales, and support teams to act strategically instead of getting bogged down by manual tasks.

Contact Cloud call attribution

Improve the caller experience

Eliminate the disconnect between you and your customer
Rethink the IVR
One line of Contact Clouds' tracking code on all the pages of your site does all of the work. No custom URLs or tags needed.
Phone Number
Intelligent Call Routing
Tracking code will instantly recognize the channel and geographic location visitors are coming from and show them the correct phone number.

Empower your workforce

Work faster and smarter—not harder


Custom Workflows

Ensure critical actions take place while conserving your agent resources. Use triggers to define logic and create a unique workflow for your team that routes callers how you want, based on events or actions taken by you or your caller.

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Call queues

Custom Call Queues

Specify how calls are routed using call queues. Build a queue with a group of agents and assign each agent their own availability schedule, weighting, and preferences so they can easily address calls from their landline, mobile phone, or softphone.

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Never miss an opportunity

Never Miss an Opportunity

Drive productivity by automating your call center's outbound calls, based on criteria and timeframes that you customize. Define rules and milestones in your auto dialer so you can manage calls strategically in line with your team’s availability and caller behavior.

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See it in action

Watch how you can trigger an alert for missed calls
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Customize your communication flow

Design a system optimized for your team’s success
Get your customers the information they need quickly by conditionally routing calls, texts, chats, and forms on our UCaaS platform. You can route calls based on your caller’s online activity, their history with your company, their demographic information, or custom fields you create in the software.

Identify high value customers by automatically appending a score or conversion when a call meets certain criteria, such as talk time, advertising campaign, or words of intent spoken on the call.

Capitalize on customer conversations

Execute automated actions based on words spoken by your customer
Our intelligent word detection and transcription tools make it easier for you to decipher the content of your customer conversations and automate action based on those insights.

Transform the audio of your calls into speaker-organized scripts so you can easily search your call log for specific words from a conversation, or automatically detect when words of intent are spoken by your customer.

Listen in on and highlight common patterns in order to execute triggers to initiate a new action or workflow, such as emailing a manager if the word “cancel” is spoken on a call. You can also set up to automatically redact content from a transcript, such as sensitive health information transmitted on a call.

Push and pull data to and from Contact Cloud

We integrate with the resources you’re already using

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