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Get a California Phone Number for Your Business

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Purchase California area code 213 phone numbers for your business

California local (213) phone numbers can give your business a multi-city feel or your big business a local feel. Contact Cloud has local numbers for many states and cities including California that can be used with our virtual phone system. Forward calls to any number you would like and enjoy all of the great features we offer; Call forwarding, IVR (voice menu's), unlimited voicemail, custom greetings, text messaging, call tracking and more. Get a Massachusetts phone number from Contact Cloud today and get connected!

Covering the central business district and downtown area of Los Angeles, California, the 213 area code is one of local phone number prefixes supported by RingCentral. A demographic study from 2013 estimates this major area in Southern California is home to around 50,000 people and some 500,000 jobs.

Area code 213 was one of the three original area codes established in California. However, a new area code was assigned to serve the rest of central Los Angeles starting in 1998, thereby limiting the geographical area covered by 213 to just the downtown area and its immediate neighborhoods. With this new setup, the 213 area code became one of the smallest area codes, geographically, in the U.S.

Although the area faced a decline in recent decades, downtown LA’s economic engine is currently experiencing resurgence with the opening of new restaurants, nightspots, sports and entertainment venues, and office buildings prepped for adaptive reuse.

Given these facts, having a business phone number with the 213 prefix can add value to any group or individual whose base of operations are within the business district or downtown Los Angeles area. To choose your own 213 area code phone number, simply start with the search tool above.

Neighboring area code 323 completely surrounds the region covered by area code 213.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have all California area codes available?

We offer local numbers in many markets throughout the US. You can check for specific availability in California within our application, or message us in our chat widget and we will try to help you locate the number you are looking for.

Can I transfer or port my California telephone number to Contact Cloud?

Yes you may transfer / port your current California number to us, so long as your are the authorized owner of the number and can prove it with the proper documentation. Please  contact your current provider to ensure that your current California number is eligible to be ported to another provider.

Should I purchase a local California number or a toll free number?

The great thing about Contact Cloud is we allows you to have both  unlimited local and toll free number with all of our plans plans. However, if you are simply looking to make your business sound bigger, an 800 number is probably what you want. If you are a large company looking to attain a local feel, a California telephone number is what you want.

Do I own the California phone number or does Contact Cloud?

Contact Cloud is the owner of all telephone numbers purchased through our platform, however you are able to transfer both your toll free and local number to other providers at any time. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

Get a California (213) phone number from Contact Cloud

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